International Symposium on ‘Science and Education in Quds during the Ottoman Era’
Date : 13 August 2018

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University’s Middle East and Africa Research Centre, in collaboration with Palestinian Scholars Abroad,will organize an international symposium on “Science and Education in Quds during the Ottoman Era” on 28-30 December 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The symposium will be focusing on the Ottoman contribution to science in Quds, the madrasas and their foundations (Awqafs). The aim is to delve into the scientific life in Quds during the Ottoman era from all perspectives. The documents of the symposium will contribute to the Islamic Identity of Quds and will constitute an academic response to the Israeli attempts to erase the Islamic identity of Palestine. The proceedings will be also published as a book.

Important Dates:

30 August 2018: Deadline for abstract submissions (300 words)

15 September 2018: Announcement of the accepted papers

For more information on the symposium, please click here.