SESRIC - Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries


OIC Statistical Commission (OIC-StatCom)

OICSTATCOM Based on the Istanbul Declaration of the 2010 Meeting of the National Statistical Organisations (NSO), Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation agreed to organise their annual meetings under the umbrella of OIC Statistical Commission. It was decided that the Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Centre (SESRIC) would act as the Secretariat of the Commission.

Facts and Figures on OIC Member Countries
Basic Social and Economic Indicators Database (BASEIND)

BASEIND The SESRIC BASEIND (BAsic Social and Economic INDicators) Database provides data on 355 socio-economic variables under 20 categories for the 57 OIC Member States dating back to 1970. The content of this database is regularly updated and enriched essentially on the basis of information collected from the national statistical sources. The Centre is also in communication with international organizations such as International Monetary Fund, United Nations, World Bank, International Labour Organization, World Health Organization and World Tourism Organization to ensure that the database would be as complete as possible.

SESRIC Motion Chart Generator

SMCSESRIC has been working on to develop an interactive and dynamic motion chart module, called SESRIC Motion Charts (SMC), integrated with the BASEIND Database. The SMC Module allows the users to dynamically explore the trends of several indicators over time, based on statistical data hosted in the BASEIND Database. The charts generated by the SMC Module will be rendered within the user's browser using the Adobe Flash technology. The produced charts will be time series based bubble charts including two indicators from the BASEIND Database which can be customised by the user to have either linear or logarithmic scale(s) with alternative bubble sizes based on the related indicators from the BASEIND Database.

Training Opportunities (TROP)

TROPThe Ankara Centre has been publishing, since 1986, an annual bulletin on the "Training Opportunities in the Member Countries of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference". The bulletin is based on the realisation that a more efficient and wider use of training facilities existing in the OIC Member States could be brought about by enabling individuals from certain Member States to participate in the training programmes conducted by peer institutions in the other ones. Thus, the primary objective of the bulletin is to provide detailed and timely information on training programmes scheduled to be organised and conducted by various training institutions in the OIC Member States.