UN-OIC General Meeting on Cooperation set to be held in July in Rabat
Date : 03-05 July 2018 Venue : Rabat Morocco

The UN-OIC General Meeting on Cooperation will be held at the ISESCO Headquarters in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco on 03-05 July 2018.

The meeting is held biennially in order to set directions, make assessments, evaluate prospects and provide a follow-up for collaboration between the two major international organizations and it is attended by high level delegations from both the OIC General Secretariat and relevant institutions of the OIC and the UN.

The joint and cooperation activities carried out by the two major international organisations during the past two years (May 2016-July 2018) will be evaluated together with the future partnership projects and programmes to be undertaken during the following 2-year period.

During the meeting, SESRIC will present its progress reports on the implementation of the agreed activities between the two institutions during a previous coordination meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland on 11-13 May 2016.

Moreover, SESRIC representatives will have the opportunity to exchange views with participating OIC and UN institutions, and explore new areas to cooperate on developing and implementing joint programmes, projects and activities.