Economic and Social Research Department

In its capacity as the main socio-economic research organ of the OIC, the Centre has been mandated the task of following up, studying and evaluating the economic and social developments in the OIC member countries through preparing technical background reports and studies on various socio-economic issues of concern to the OIC member countries with a view to analysing the current situation at the OIC level and suggesting the appropriate policy actions that need to be taken in order to face the challenges and strengthen the intra-Islamic cooperation in the concerned areas.

The Centre undertakes Extensive assignments to prepare technical background reports and research studies on several socio-economic issues placed on the agenda of various OIC conferences and meetings such as poverty, education, agriculture and water resources, gender, youth, health, education, labour and employment, energy, tourism, etc. The bulk of these reports are prepared on a regular basis to be submitted and presented at the regular relevant OIC fora, such as such as the OIC ministerial conference and the annual sessions of the various OIC standing committees. Examples on these reports include, OIC Economic Outlook Reports, Agriculture and Food Security , OIC Water Report , OIC Health Report, Labour Market Report, International Tourism, Education and Scientific Development.

OIC Outlook In an attempt to enhance the efforts of the Centre to provide the necessary and up-to-date information and knowledge that would make the member countries better informed of each other’s capacities and needs as well as challenges and potentials towards higher economic integration, the Centre prepares short outlook reports on various socio-economic development topics related to the OIC member countries (OIC Outlook Series). Using the Centre’s main database “BASEIND”, these reports cover various socio-economic categories and present statistical information and analytical investigations as well as some policy implications on the topics in question.

The Centre also publishes the following two research periodicals:

Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, which is a quarterly Journal published by the Centre since 1979. It is a journal of applied research in development economics and aims at enhancing cooperation among the members of the OIC. The material published in it derives mainly from contributions by authors in the member countries and elsewhere of original papers that deal with important economic and social issues of concern to the OIC member countries. It gives special attention to papers that deal with the potentials for and possibilities of promoting and expanding economic and technical cooperation among the developing countries.

Economic Cooperation and Development Review, which is an annual periodical features interviews with eminent personalities in the Islamic world and elsewhere, short articles on selected issues of economic growth, development and cooperation of immediate interest to the member countries, summaries of selected papers and reports prepared by the Centre itself, brief papers and news on current economic developments in individual member countries, and a section on titles and reviews of recently published books.